Posted on 08-Jun-2020

Chiq Cliniq Inc. - USHR Diode Laser Hair Removal

If You're Gonna Do It, Do It Right!
Not all hair removal devices are created equal.
Before spending, research what works best for your hair and skin type.
There are too many companies out there offering 'laser hair removal' but actually only use different forms of IPL.

IPL is Not a laser & it’s very painful.
IPL was created to help with skin irregularities. What people found out was that whilst using IPL, they eventually found hair growth rate slowed down.

See the decision guide here:

Below is the technology based on the years when 'hair removal' started:
1. Electrolysis (1980's)
2. IPL (1990's)
3. Laser (2005)
4. SHR Laser (2010)
5. Diode Laser (2015)
6. SHR Diode Laser (2017)
7. USHR Diode Laser (2018 ZENSER Infinite Ice)

As you can see, in recent years technology has rapidly surged in Laser Hair Removal.

USHR Diode: The Most Advanced Laser Hair Removal Machine in the World, with Immediate Results! Only Available @
• ZENSER Infinite ICE - The Most Advanced USHR Diode Laser with Trio-Clustered Diode (Alexandrite 755nm / Diode 808nm / ND:YAG 1064nm)
• -5°C Cooled ICE Tipped Handpiece, that Automatically Calibrates to Your Area, Skin & Hair Type
• USHR is Fast, Easy & Safe on Tanned or Dark Skin Tones, Without Compromises
• Exceed Your Expectations - Only @ Chiq Cliniq Inc. FREE Consultation & Test Patch

Save on Pain, Time & Money @
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